Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Join the Carnival for Change - Booth 12.

Welcome to the Carnival for Change where we explore the web for interesting items relating to social justice, health, education, and opportunity. Happy holidays!

* Still not done with your holiday shopping? Consider charity gift certificates. They are a wonderful way to redefine Christmas.

* Want to give a lasting and meaningful gift? Try giving life.

* And once the holidays are over, consider these ways to recycle at Christmas.

* And on a completely unrelated note, December 31,2008 is the last day to order your free coupons for the analog to digital TV convertor box. All television broadcasting in the US will be digital as of February 2009, so if you have analog TV with no pay service, you may want to order your coupons for the converter. Visit or call 1-888-DTV-2009 for more information. An excellent alternative: Turn off the TV.

* Recently completed: The Shack. Thanks Temika!
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Monday, December 01, 2008

Stop AIDS, keep the promise.

Today is the 20th annual World AIDS Day. By now, most of us know someone who is or was affected by HIV, even if we aren't aware of it. So it make sense for all of use to do what we can to promote awareness of the HIV pandemic and respect for those affected by it, directly or indirectly. This year's theme is "Stop AIDS. Keep the Promise - Lead - Empower - Deliver". Here's how you can participate:

* Visit to learn more about HIV/AIDS prevention, testing, treatment, and research.
* Visit or text your ZIP code to KNOWIT (566948) to find an HIV testing location in your community.
* Volunteer your goods, services, time, or money to an HIV/AIDS service or research agency or person.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if in 20 years, World AIDS Day was irrelevant? Our actions today can help make that possible.

Support World AIDS DayFacing AIDS - World AIDS day 2008World AIDS Day. Take the test. Take control. www.hivtest.orgWorld AIDS Day. Celebrate life.

"If you want to make peace, you don't talk to your friends. You talk to your enemies." -Moshe Dayan, military leader and politician (1915-1981)