Monday, January 30, 2006

Donate your fur.

Do you have a fur in your closet that you no longer wear? Is the fur not your style anymore? Do you no longer wear your fur for moral reasons? Did your great-aunt give you a fur you just don't like or will never wear? Did you just move to Ghana, St. Thomas, or some other always-warm place? If you have a fur you want to get rid of in a socially-responsible way, you've come to the right place.

The Women's Bioethics Project just started fur recycling program:
Beautiful keepsakes are created from donated furs and auctioned to fund Women's Bioethics Project programs: research, education, and community building. Your donation is tax deductable.
To donate your fur, call 206-200-1101 or visit It's all for a great cause. Thanks for the tip, Linda!

"The smallest light in the darkest conditions can give you all you need to get where you are going."  - Juan Lane


Karama said...

Here are more ideas for donating and recycling your fur.

Karama said...

Just FYI folks, the Women's Bioethics Project is hoping to get 100 furs by March 31st, 2006. Call 206/200-1101, write for more information, or visit Women's Bioethics Project for more information and the view the press release. Otherwise, furs can be sent directly to

Women's Bioethics Project
4616 25th Avenue NE
Suite 556
Seattle, WA 98105