Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Go WWOOFing.

Amazingly enough, this has nothing to do with barking dogs, or stereo equipment. The International WWOOF Association is an organizes "world-wide opportunities on organic farms." In exchange for volunteer work on a farm, WWOOFers get free room and board, training on organic farming, and an experience they'll never forget. Interested?

* There are a wide variety of farms. "WWOOF hosts are mainly pursuing a simple, sustainable, lifestyle. Many are practising Permaculture or Bio-dynamic growing methods. Some farms are commercial producers, whether full or part time; others are alternative co-operatives or communities."

* There are numerous locations all over the world. You can visit and volunteer in countries like China, Ghana, Mexico Turkey, and many others. And there are farms all over the US and the EU.

* There are opportunities for WWOOF hosts. If you run an organic farm, consider hosting WWOOFers. You meet interesting people and get some extra hands to help with labor.

The WWOOF website has much more information including an FAQ, a WWOOF history, and everything else you need to plan your trip. It's a great way to be of service, see someplace new, and learn an awful lot. Have fun farming!

"What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us; what we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal." - Albert Pike


Karama said...

Evidently, WWOOF used to stand for "Willing Workers on Organic Farms."

Kiran Patil said...

Apart from Willing Workers on Organic Farms some people also like to use World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms, We’re Welcome on Organic Farms or World Wide Orientation on Organic Farms or Working Weekends on Organic Farms. When WWOOF was started, it was called Working Weekends on Organic Farms.

Here is link to a report on WWOOF Fundamentals

- Kiran