Sunday, January 06, 2008

Make better lives for veterans.

It was really cold here last week (at least by Atlanta standards) so during my morning commute, I traded my usual shuttle bus for a MARTA bus which reduces my outside wait substantially. The number 19 bus stops at the VA hospital (among other places) and many of the folks I rode with were on their way there. The passengers chatted about where they served, their current lives, and much more. Lots of men on canes and crutches, though I assume there were nonvisible injuries as well. So in honor of my fellow bus riders, everyone who interacts with the VA, and veterans everywhere, here are a few ideas for ways to support veterans:

* Disabled American Veterans Voluntary Service has numerous ways people of all ages can contribute to better lives for disabled veterans.

* Veterans Administration Voluntary Service offers volunteer opportunities and other ways to help veterans.

* For more opportunities click here for a previous post on this topic.

So take a bus, ride your bike, walk or drive to your VA hospital or other veterans service agency and see how you can help.

"Within the soul of each Vietnam veteran there is probably something that says 'Bad war, good soldier.' [Only now are Americans beginning to] separate the war from the warrior." - Max Cleland, former head of US Veterans Administration, at the dedication of Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington DC

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