Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Join the Carnival for Change - Booth 5.

Welcome to the Carnival for Change where we explore the web for interesting items relating to social justice, health, education, and opportunity.

* CNN's Impact Your World has a great listing of organizations that are doing the much needed relief work related to the cyclone in Myanmar, the earthquake in China, and the tornados in the US. Donate what you can.

* The 2008 Net Squared N2Y3 will be May 27-28 in San Jose, California. Net Squared is "remixing the web for social change." This year's theme is Mashup Challenge and the conference "will bring together a unique mix of people from the public and private sectors to develop and release Mashups designed to provide deeper insight into the social issues affecting communities around the globe."

* Interested in open access publishing? Make a short video promoting OA for the 2008 SPARKY Awards and you may win $1000. Deadline is November 30, 2008.

* Biology major or recent grad? Consider competing for the Pearson Benjamin Cummings Biology Prize. Applicants must write a letter to their elected officials expressing their "opinion about a biology-related issue" and four will win a $1000 scholarship. Deadline is November 4, 2008.

* So What Can I Do children's book/social justice analogy - Beatrice:Heifer::Kojo:Kiva

Thanks for visiting the Carnival for Change! If you'd like space at the next booth, send your items to me with "Carnival for Change" in the subject. See you next time!

"Resistance is the secret of joy." Alice Walker in her book Possessing the Secret of Joy


Karama said...

Dear Karama,

Heifer project participants and staff have been rocked by the devastating earthquake in China. Our headquarters for all of China is in Chengdu, 50 miles from the epicenter of the quake and is ready to respond to the situation. Heifer has 28 projects in Sichuan Province and is working quickly to assess the situation and make plans for rehabilitation. Cell phone service has begun to be restored in the area over the last few hours and reports are coming in from participants in remote regions.

Numerous agencies are providing emergency relief like blankets, food and water. Heifer's main focus is on the next step that assures participants a solid future after calm is restored and rebuilding begins. Please help provide opportunity to those who have lost so much.

Donate now.

Yours in Peace,

Ashley Michael
Heifer International

P.S. Please forward this message to anyone who may be interested.

Heifer's sustainable model provides entire communities the opportunity to regain self-reliance even after natural disasters.

SocialButterfly said...


I've been following you on Twitter and saw ur tweet about the carnival. Very great idea! Look forward to future following and participating in your carnival.


Karama said...

Thanks for stopping by , SocialButterfly. I hope you enjoyed your visit to So What Can I Do and to the Carnival for Change.

I am having fun learning about the great potential of Twitter. It introduced me to your great blog. I particularly like your Blogger Neighbor segment. Keep up the great work and please come by again soon.

Karen M Jones said...

Karama, I want to applaud all you are doing with the Carnival for Change. I also found my book, The Difference a Day Makes: 365 Ways to Change Your World in Just 24 Hours, listed among books you've recommended to your visitors and want to thank you for that. If it resonates, please stop over to my related blog, Blogging on Purpose ( In gratitude ~ Karen M. Jones

Karama said...

Hi Karen,

I'm so pleased you enjoyed the Carnival for Change and So What Can I Do. Thanks for stopping by! Keep up the great work at Plogging on Purpose, and please visit again soon.

Karama said...

As you can see this post is not about how to build carnival booths. If you need information on building carnival booths, clink the links in this comment to learn more. Have a great carnival!

Karama said...

Please vote for So What Can I Do for the 2009 Black Web Award for Most Original Blog. Visit and vote as often as you like before October 5, 2008. Anyone can vote and there's no need to register to do so. Thanks!