Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Offset your site.

I've written before about carbon offsets, but the services I described all cost money. Now, here's a fast way to offset a few pounds of carbon. If you are a blogger, you can join Brighter Planet's 350 Challenge. Just put their snazzy badge on your site (check out the sidebar for mine), let them know who you are and they will "offset 350 pounds of carbon in your name! 350 pounds! That's like flicking off 100 lightbulbs for a day. Or going two full weeks without your car!" They're goal is 350 bloggers and they already have over 300, so hurry!

"The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today." - Franklin D. Roosevelt

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Karama said...


Four weeks ago, we launched the 350 Challenge to help bloggers like
yourself raise awareness for the fight against global warming.

You quickly rose to the challenge. Today we're proud to announce that
not only did we hit our goal, but we blew right past it. As of this
morning, over 400 bloggers are participating in the challenge.

Thanks to you, Brighter Planet will now offset 140,000 pounds of CO2
on behalf of everyone who participated. Soon, you will receive an
offset certificate to commemorate your involvement.

Since we've hit our goal, we'll stop pestering you for help, but due
to the campaign's success, we've decided to leave it open for now.
We'll continue to offset 350 pounds of CO2 for each new blogger who
joins the fight.

We're now working on some new, creative ways to continue raising
awareness. Please join our facebook fan page to stay current. If you
have any suggestions, we'd love to hear them.

Adam Rubin
Brighter Planet