Thursday, August 28, 2008

IM or email for the greater good.

Hotmail has a great program about which I am happy to spread the word. You can raise money for your favorite charitable causes simply by using Windows Live™ Hotmail® and Windows Live Messenger (instant messaging) as you normally do. When you open or register your account with the i’m™ Initiative, MSN will donate a portion of their advertising revenue to the cause of your choice, every time you use their service.

This is a great way to make what you do everyday a little more meaningful. The more you email, the more your IM, the more you contribute. Thanks for the tip, Ingrid!

“Reject hatred without hating.” - Mary Baker Eddy


Karama said...

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do said...

emailing for the greater good? I suppose. IMHO hotmail should not be so dominating in the first place. G-mail has free forwarding and pop3 access (features you have to pay for on hotmail). Basically, g-mail makes it easy for you to leave (switch to another service) and offers a good product that keeps you from leaving. If hotmail just offered a better product they wouldn't need this initiative to get more users. Users who can communicate more freely and effectively can then make a bigger difference in their communities. That sounds more like the real "greater good" to me.

Goodsearch seems like a bigger, better thing to do. And with less of a commitment to a certain email provider.