Friday, November 19, 2004

Don't send misleading emails

I get them all the time, emails that seem a little suspicious. To forward, or not to forward? That is the question.

Next time you get forwarded mass-recipient email, check to see if it's real or a hoax before you send it to your friends and family. Here are several sites that keep track of popular emails that may or may not be true. So before your forward that next e-mail, search one of the following sites to make sure it's real:

No sense causing your friends and family unnecessary worry, fear, anger or concern. As we all know, there are enough real situations to be concerned and angry about. We should use our energy to deal with those issues, not the fake ones.


Karama said...

Hi folks,

Actually, one of my favorite ways to check out e-mails is just to do a google search with key words from the mail. That will usually pull up just the information you need. Good days!

Karama said...

Learn more at the Federal Trade Commission's spam site.