Monday, November 01, 2004

Consider organ donation

Every day about 70 people receive an organ transplant. However, another 16 people on the waiting list die because not enough organs are available. There are 79,000 U.S. patients waiting for an organ transplant, and almost 3,000 new patients are added to the waiting list each month. 10 percent of those are children.

We can change this. Organ donation from just one person can save or enhance the lives of over 50 people. Think about it. Pray about it. Learn more at Then, if you are so inclined, sign your donor card (your driver's license in most states) and tell you family. Doctors won't retrieve organs unless your family consents, so it's important that your family members know and understand your wishes. Perhaps you can talk to them about donating too. It's something we all should consider.


Karama said...

And here's a perk: In Georgia driver's license renewal costs $15, but it's only $8 if you're an organ donor!

Anonymous said...

Not any more-

Gov. Sonny Perdue did away with that perk.

Karama said...

Thanks for the update, Anon. I'm sorry to hear that that perk is gone. Of course, that's not the real reason I'm a donor.

I hope you enjoyed So what can I do. Please visit again soon, and spread the word.