Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Appreciate nature's beauty: Total lunar eclipse tonight!

Tonight, a total lunar eclipse will be visible from much of the US (weather permitting). Unlike solar eclipses, these can be viewed and enjoyed with the naked eye. So look up!

Moon enters penumbra (slight shading) 8:06 PM (Eastern time)
Partial eclipse begins (moon enters umbra) 9:14 PM
Total eclipse begins (moon totally within umbra) 10:23 PM
Total eclipse ends (moon begins to leave umbra) 11:45 PM
Partial eclipse ends (moon leaves umbra) 12:54 AM
Moon leaves penumbra (slight shading gone) 2:02 AM

Lunar eclipses happen when the earth's shadow blocks the light of the sun from shining on the moon causing the moon to darken. For more information on eclipses and viewing conditions in your area, click here and here.

Eclipses are beautiful! So enjoy the show the heavens will put on, and be grateful for the small things.

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