Thursday, October 07, 2004

Working Assets - phone and credit card services

My AT&T phone bill just went up over $6. Without warning, they raised the charges on all their services. Ugh! So now I'm on the lookout for a less expensive local phone service.

I hear good things about Working Assets and they donate part of their profits to several nonprofit organizations. I know they provide long distance, but do they provide local service as well? Any thoughts?

If you need long distance, wireless, or credit card services, check out Working Assets. They allow you to help others as you help yourself.


will said...

i believe working assets does provide local service , as well as long distance. their overseas rates are exorbitant. i have working assets as my long distance carrier but use a ten ten number mostly. 5 cents a minute, no minimum. but working assets does have a long distance sign up plan where you pay a fee each month and it's a lot cheaper. since my basic service is att i am looking to change, and will probably take wa.

Jeffdo said...

All ok But how does one get to ask a Q of a human being? I hate the automatic options which all say the same thing.

If there is another smaller similar provider I am going there.

Anyone know? email me @

Anonymous said...

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