Thursday, October 07, 2004

Some recycling at WalMart - Update

This afternoon, a manager at the WalMart (I-20 and Panola) called in
response to the recycling question I sent in. Evidently, they've tried
newspaper recycling several times, but people fill the bins with trash.
(Tsk. Tsk.)

The good news is that they accept plastic bags for recycling and they
recycle their own cardboard (customers can't bring theirs in though). I got
the impression that all the stores accept plastic bags. So bring your
plastic bags to WalMart. I have a whole cabinet full of them.

When he asked me if I knew of contacts for glass and plastic recycling, I
referred him to the href="">Dekalb County
Farmer's Market, which is where I do all my recycling now.

To write your neighborhood WalMart, click href="

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