Friday, October 08, 2004

MedShare International

Tomorrow morning, a group of us is going to MedShare International. We'll spend the morning sorting medical supplies for shipment to clinics and hospitals all over the world. It's a great organization since federal regulations compel hospitals in the United States to discard more than $6.25 billion worth of unused medical supplies. Most of that material (which is useful!) would end up in landfills. MedShare reclaims a portion of that to give to people who need and can use it.

"So what can I do?"
* join us on Saturday.
* join us for our next workday, December 11.
* notify a hospital or clinic of MedShare's services.
* send money. They're in the midst of a fundraising drive right now.

Unfortunately, there aren't many other organizations like MedShare around. Perhaps one of you is interested in starting one?

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