Friday, October 22, 2004

Walk with a purpose

Many thanks my mother for schooling me on this one. She taught me to walk with a purpose. A few months ago, I realized that my favorite grocery store, library, bank and ice cream stand are all just a mile away. So now I walk when I visit them. It's good exercise and allows me to justify the ice cream. :)

Although I have to go to the store more often, I buy less since I have to carry it home. Plus, I can listen to my Twi tapes during the trip. I also enjoy meeting my neighbors while I walk.

Look around, you may be able to walk with a purpose. If not from home, perhaps from work on your lunch hour. It's a healthy way to save money, and it's better for the environment and better for you!


Anonymous said...

I love that phrase: "Walk with a purpose!" It screams for an exclamation point! Like this blog, we can walk with a purpose to uplift, better, bless everyone and everything we come in contact with each day.

There's a greater potential for having enriching dialogues and exchanges, walking with a purpose. Your day feels more spontaneous and free walking with a purpose. You counter every single contention made in the name of hopelessness and despair, walking with a purpose.

I think you've got a song here. Thanks for the reminder (especially in these times) to "Walk with a purpose."

Karama said...

Can you believe I wrote this without any thought to the metaphorical "walk?" Thanks for reminding me. And thank you for visiting "So what can I do?" Please stop by again.

Karama said...

Now this sister is sho'nuff walking with a purpose: Joan Southgate

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