Thursday, July 14, 2005

Drive gently.

I am a big proponent of public transportation, but even so, I still have a car. Thankfully, cars don't have to be that damaging to the environment or to ourselves. Try one of these options to cause less harm while you get there:

* Drive a hybrid vehicle. These use gasoline and electricity to generate power and never have to be plugged in. You can learn more at

* Use biodiesel to fuel your diesel engine.

* Consider an all-electric vehicle. You'll have to plug it in, but you'll get clean air and a quiet ride.

* And if you have a regular gas car like mine, try some of these 20 tips for fuel-efficient driving.

Happy motoring!

"Ellie: A soul is a very expensive thing to keep: much more so than a motor car. Shotover: Is it? How much does your soul eat? Ellie: Oh, a lot. It eats music and pictures and books and mountains and lakes and beautiful things to wear and nice people to be with." - George Bernard Shaw (1856–1950), Anglo-Irish playwright, critic.


Brew said...

Get a bike, and move somewhere where the car isn't so necessary.

Ok, maybe not entirely practical, but . . .

I drive Bio right now - it's pretty pricey, but we get good milage . . . .

Karama said...

Thanks for sharing, Brew. BTW, are you referring to biodiesal? How are you liking it?

Thanks for visiting, and please stop by again soon.

Karama said...

Also check out this post on using waste/straight vegetable oil instead of diesel (or biodiesel).

Karama said...

Here are some other ways to conserve fuel: try transit, and walk with a purpose

anthony m, said...

Hybrid Cars have come a long way and I am excited about the future of them including electric cars. great site