Thursday, December 29, 2005

Celebrate Kwanzaa: Ujamaa.

On this, the fourth day of Kwanzaa, we focus on ujamaa (cooperative economics) and "build and maintain our own stores, shops and other businesses and profit from them together."

So what can I do lists numerous ways we can promote economic progress and economic justice. Here are just a few suggestions:

* Pay off your debts and use the money you save to improve the economic situation of your family and your community.
* Buy local to support businesses in your community. They provide jobs, resources and products for you and your family.
* Barter for goods and services and save your cash for when you really need it.
* Fund microloans that will enable folks in the US and abroad improve their economic situation.

As humans, we are all members of that first African Diaspora. And accordingly, the principles of Kwanzaa apply to us all. Manifest the Kwanzaa principles today, this week, and all year long.

"I went in through the doors of the treasury of wisdom, and I drew for myself the waters of understanding. I went into the blaze of the sun’s flame and it lighted me with its splendor, and I made of it a shield for myself." - Makeda, Queen of Sheba


Karama said...

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Karama said...

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