Monday, September 11, 2006

Choose recycled products.

I've written a lot about the merits of recycling. But what happens to all those goods you've been so dutifully recycling? There are numerous companies that offer useful and creative products made from recycled goods. Here are some ideas and resources you may want to explore:

* Paper - Recycled paper products are widely available, not only for offices but also for invitations, stationary, and more. Remember to choose products with the highest percentage of post-consumer waste.

* Biodiesel - What a great way to reuse grease! Emory University will soon use biodiesel to fuel most of its shuttle fleet.

* Jewelry - Gold, jewels and other metals are turned into beautiful, wearable art by companies like greenKarat.

* Compost - Turn your kitchen waste into a rich source of nutrients for your garden, yard, and other plants.

* Trees - Let no fallen tree go to waste. CitiLogs to the rescue!

* Clothes - Shop at resale and consignment shops. Host a clothes swap. Visit garage sales. You'll be amazed at the high quality items you'll find, and the bargain prices you'll pay. Do it because you want to, even if you don't have to.

* Printer cartridges - When you recycle printer cartridges, they are bought by companies who refill them with ink and sell them for less than brand-new cartridges. What a way to save money and reduce waste!

Remember, reduce, reuse, recycle, restore, in that order. And choose the products that make recycling work.

"Action indeed is the sole medium of expression for ethics." -- Jane Addams (1860 - 1935)


Keith R said...

Hi. Just stumbled across your blog via BlogExplosion. I love your posts on recycling -- I expect I'll be quoting you. ;-) Nice to see someone else as interested in the 3R's as I am (I wrote a book on its application in Latin America). BTW, given your interest in creative products reusing/recycling end-of-life products, you might get a kick out of a post I recently about Brazil's "tin man"

I'll be doing others soon, including a fascinating house and furniture made from empty PET soda bottles.

I've often wondered why there are not more contests/fairs/exhibits promoting art and product design using reused/recycled materials here in the US. These have been done to great effect in Brazil, stimulating alot of interest among college students in eco-design...

Keep up the blogging about recycling. Bit by bit others will get the message.
Regards, Keith R

Karama said...

Thanks for your comment, Keith. I'm glad you found and are enjoying So what can I do. I hope you will visit again soon and spread the word.

Take care!

Donna Munt said...

Hi there. I'm trying to get people to sign my pledge on about not using plastic bags. I'm turning into a bit of an everyday activist, and am starting small, with bigger ideas in mind for later when my health improves and I can handle it.
My pledge, at, asks that 15 other people (or more, if they'll keep signing!) will agree not to ever accept a plastic bag from any shop, ever. They have to agree to only use reusable bags, be they cloth or whatever.
I've only just discovered this site, and will be back to join in when I have a bit more time!
Best of luck to everyone here,
Donna :)

Karama said...

Hi Donna,

Thanks for reading, and for your work to reduce the use of plastic bags. I've written about excess plastic bag usage here and on Open Letters for Change. Perhaps in response to my letters, Kroger recently initiated a campaign to encourage the use of reusable bags in their stores. I am certainly in support of that!

Best wishes with your pledge, and keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

hi. just stumbled across ur blog via BlogExplosion luved it.

Anonymous said...

It's all about speading the word and making these products available and easy to good work. Here is another eco-option:

Anonymous said...

There needs to be another R added. Retail. There are some great recycled products available but they are hard to find. Usually burried in the builders isle with fresh cut cedar planks, ect. We need a retail outlet for recycled products. Any investers out there? I have a grant approval pending.

Anonymous said...

Found this cool website

"Kathy" from PA is on the recycle train. Check out her site for some "recycling joy" and super trendy's what she says about her products....yeah for Kathy!
Margaret, Nashville,TN

"I make my funky jewelry out of recycled materials. These are materials that I come across everyday. They include all kinds of plastic bottles and containers and aluminum cans! I also collect materials for my packaging and shipping materials. I reuse empty food boxes, magazines and brownpaper bags.

I've always been serious about recycling, reusing and cutting down on waste. I'm so happy to be able to join my art and love of recycling into lovely, funky jewelry! These pieces are an extension of me and my style. I hope you love them as much as I do"