Friday, September 29, 2006


It's quite a feat when a proper noun becomes a verb. Google is using some of its might and money for good, and you can get involved. Consider these opportunities:

* Google Grants "is a unique in-kind advertising program. It harnesses the power of our flagship advertising product, Google AdWords, to non-profits seeking to inform and engage their constituents online. Google Grants has awarded AdWords advertising to hundreds of non-profit groups whose missions range from animal welfare to literacy, from supporting homeless children to promoting HIV education."

* Google Scholarships are available for students in the US, Europe and Australia. Specific funds target women, black and Hispanic students, and students outside the US who are studying computer science and other science, technology and engineering disciplines.

* "Acumen Fund: a non-profit venture fund that invests in market-based solutions to global poverty. The Fund supports entrepreneurial approaches to developing affordable goods and services for the 4 billion people in the world who live on less than $4 a day."

* "TechnoServe helps budding entrepreneurs turn good business ideas into thriving enterprises. With funding from the Google Foundation, they are launching a Business Plan Competition and an Entrepreneurship Development Program in Ghana."

Check out the websites and consider the ways you can act:

--> tell others who may be interested
--> donate time or money
--> apply for a scholarship, funding or service

Google is definitely more than a search engine, and you may be able to help them in their mission for good.

"A googol is precisely as far from infinity as is the number one." - Carl Sagan


Karama said...

The googol has always been one of my favorite numbers. I think it's because I learned about it in the third grade, and the number was named by a 9-year-old. It made me feel I like I could make a contribution to science and mathmatics, regardless of my age.

Karama said...

Here's another way to Google and make a difference. Do you Jikolp?


Wednesday, November 8, 2006

New Search Engine Launches with Pledge to Donate 50% of all Revenue to Charity

A new search engine was launched last week with the aim of providing web users with an easy, zero cost method of helping those less fortunate than themselves., which is powered by the Google search engine, has pledged to donate an amazing 50% of all revenue to charitable causes. In November, its first full month of operation, is aiming to raise $US10,000 for UNICEF. was formed by a group of long term friends with a strong belief that charity and business can go hand in hand. They also recognized that many web users would jump at the opportunity to be able to contribute to charity just by using as their search engine. The fantastic thing about is that visitors will receive the same search results they would have received at but with the added benefit of that feel good feeling that comes with helping a good cause.

The founders of said they had already received very strong support and that the use of was already growing strongly. The founders believe that their aim of raising $US10,000 for UNICEF in November is the start of bigger targets to come.

About jikolp:
In 2006 jikolp was formed by a group of long term friends with two primary goals:

1. To provide everyday people with an easy, zero cost method to support charity organizations.
2. To provide charity organizations with a new source of income to carry on and extend their good work.

The jikolp team believed that these two goals could be achieved by providing an existing service that millions of people use daily and redirecting a large portion of the revenue generated by this service to charity organizations. The team eventually settled on providing a web search engine service like or and donating a massive 50% of all revenue (not profit, but revenue!) generated to charity organizations.

Karama said...

Thanks to Brian for sending that press release.