Thursday, January 25, 2007

Search the web.

How often do you use search engines to search the web? If you're like me, it could be dozens of times per day. What if each search could raise money for good causes? Now several new search pages now make that possible. Choose your favorite:

* Good Search - 50% of revenue donated to the charity of your choice. Powered by Yahoo.

* LiveSearch - For each search, "Microsoft will contribute to, a UN agency-led campaign providing education and sports programs for the nine million refugee youth around the world."

* - 50% of revenue donated to the charity of your choice. (UK based)

* Charity Cafe - 100% of profits go to Greenpeace, the World Wildlife Fund and OxFam. Powered by

* ClicksCount - Donations to UK children's charities. Powered by MSN.

* - 50% of revenue donated to charity. Powered by Google.

* Do Good Toolbar - Download the toolbar and each search results in a donation. Powered by Google.

--> If you work for a nonprofit, consider adding your organization to the list of charities for these sites. And spread the word among your supporters so they can search and fund your programs.

It's great when something you do everyday can make our world a better place. Thanks Brian, thanks Michele!

"The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppose." - Frederick Douglass


Margaret said...

Dr. John spyed you out searching the web and now has directed hoards of curious commentators to stop by and visit.

Now that I'm here, can I please use your bathroom?

Karama said...

Sure Margaret. It's down the hall and to the left.

Before you go, you and other readers may want to add your favorite charities to GoodSearch. Then send them an email to let them know. They're sure to appreciate your support. You may want to encourage them to spread the word (through emails, newsletters, etc.) so all their supporters can use GoodSearch. Have fun!

Karama said...

I added some of my favorites:

GoodSearch for ALFDC
GoodSearch for AIM.
GoodSearch for Sisterlove.
GoodSearch for SICARS.
GoodSearch for Potluck.
GoodSearch for Nyaka.
GoodSearch for Medshare

With these and other favorite organizations, it's hard to know for whom to search!