Thursday, November 22, 2007

Redefine the holidays.

I opened Monday's New York Times and found the following full-page ad:
Let's redefine Christmas. By putting more Thanksgiving in it.
No sooner does Thanksgiving end, than the loathsome shopping season begins - a month-long compulsion to by something, anything, for everyone. We're pressed. We're stressed. And our money is wasted. But we can change all that by focusing on the giving. And redefining Christmas.
Give people donations to their favorite charities.
And request that they give donations to your favorite charities.

A lot more money would go to people who need it. Shopping would be easier and tax-deductible. And our giving would be more in keeping with the Christmas spirit.

The Dalio Family Foundation, which paid for the ad and accepts no donations from the public, ends by saying "The sole purposed of this message is to facilitate charitable giving. Please pass it on." So that's what I'm doing. Consider it: Less hassle. More good. Less taxes. It's win-win.

So this year, instead of or in addition to materials gifts, try giving and requesting charitable gifts. They are gifts that keep on giving. Happy Thanksgiving!

"History is a vast early warning system." - Norman Cousins


Karama said...

What are your favorite charities? Leave a comment and let us know. If you need some ideas, peruse this blog. There are hundreds of organizations listed. Here are just a few of my favorites:

* Heifer International
* Modest Needs
* Kiva
* MedShare International

Happy holidays!

Neha said...

Hi Karama! This year I asked from both my parents and my boyfriend, a donation to Freedom from Hunger. Within the site, you can "adopt an outcome". I had my parents give a gift to "Unleash the Power of Motherhood" which allows young mothers to be educated so they can give their daughters hope of a better world. And I had my boyfriend "create a success story" which allows women in 3rd world countries the support to build businesses.

Karama said...

How wonderful, Neha! Thanks for sharing this great idea. I hope you had a good holiday season. All the best!

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