Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Make a big difference with small change.

This is such a wonderful idea; I'm so glad to see it's expanding. "In March 2002, Modest Needs was founded by Keith Taylor, who created Modest Needs as his way of repaying the many small kindnesses that others had shown to him. On the original site, he pledged to give away 10% of his gross monthly income as a teacher - $350.00 - to help people with small, unexpected expenses and nowhere else to turn, no questions asked."

"Since May 2002, when Modest Needs became a charitable foundation, the members of this community have helped 1384 families to afford $261,093.87 worth of unexpected expenses ranging from the fee for a GED exam to the cost of burying a stillborn child."

And here's how you can be a partner with the folks at Modest Needs to support their good and worthy work:

* Donate money . It can be a one-time donation, or a monthly gift. Even small change helps a lot. Consider adopting a particular request, and you'll know exactly who and how you helped.

* Sell items on Ebay to benefit Modest Needs. Not only will the selling price (your donation) be tax deductible, but 100% of the fees you incur in listing your item are tax deductible.

* If you are a licensed skilled professional, you can volunteer your time and skills to help a person or family in need.

* Link to Modest Needs on your e-mail signature or website.

If you are in need for short-term financial assistance to stay self-sufficient, visit to apply for temporary monetary assistance.

It's not unusual to need a little money sometimes. Here's a way you can help fill these modest needs.


Karama said...

Note that you can support any charity through shopping and linking.

Karama said...

This just in from Keith Taylor:

Dear Karama,

I want to thank *you* for such a wonderful write-up. I've often said that
if Modest Needs became the cause celebre of the bloggers, there's nothing we
couldn't accomplish. Bloggers launched Modest Needs, you know, and as a
result of THEIR work, we got a year of solid media exposure and helped
countless more persons than would've been possible otherwise.

I wonder how we could spread the word more effectively to the blogging
community. Any ideas? I'd love to hear them, and thank *you* for your
personal kindness. I think the world is better with you and your friends in

All best,

Dr. Keith P. Taylor
President and Executive Director
Modest Needs Foundation
Small Change: A World of Difference

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