Sunday, February 06, 2005

Support public education: United States

The opening page of the Donors Choose website reads in part, "Many schoolchildren from low-income communities do not have the books, art supplies, science equipment, or other materials that they need to learn. Public school teachers use DonorsChoose to propose resources for their students. Concerned individuals like you can then select a proposal to fund." You can search for proposals by cost, discipline or grade. They even have a gift registry.

Currently, Donors Choose serves public schools in Chicago, New York City, North Carolina, and the San Francisco Bay Area, but are expanding this year. If you are a teacher in need of books, supplies or equipment, write Donors Choose to see how you can sign up. If they're not in your area, find out if they will be soon.

Teachers work hard, and often for little reward. Let's give them the support they need to do this important job well.

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Karama said...

Here's how I use social networking to contribute to Donors Choose.