Monday, February 14, 2005

Bike to work.

In a later post, I'll talk more about 'alternative commutes,' but one option is to bike to work. Lots of cities have made that quite practical by installing bike lanes on the roads. Atlanta isn't quite so lucky but I know several people who use their bicycles as a major form of transportation. Think about it. As the weather warms up, it becomes a more viable option. You'll get more exercise, and you'll produce less pollution. Here are some resources to help ease your bike commute:

* has a variety of resources for bicycle commuters.

* has more tips including a section on how to select a bike.

* The League of American Bicyclists encourages you to bike to work, particularly during May, National Bike Month.

* To find like minded folks, read and join the Yahoo bicycle commuters group.

* And if you don't have a bike, visit the New Dream Community to register to win one. While you're there, you can get tips on how to live consciously, buy wisely and make a difference.

I plan to get a bike this spring, so I'll see you on the road!

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