Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Play a game, give a net.

I've written before about the life-saving value of anti-malaria mosquito nets, and I did a recent post on video games for change. Now the the Nothing But Nets Campaign has brought the two together.

Everyone who plays the online game Deliver the Net will have a net sent in their honor, just for playing. Of course you can send additional nets for just $10 each, but it's great to be able to send one for free. So head over to and play Deliver the Net. A few minutes of fun could save a child's life. Sometimes it's great to be a buzzkill.

"Embrace change and avoid the pitfalls of yesterday. Stand on your foundation and do not let anyone or anything sway you from the ability to make your dreams become a reality”." - Kwasi Boaitey

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Karama said...

I just learned that these mosquito nets last up to four years! What a bargain at ten bucks!