Sunday, April 10, 2005

Support the soldiers.

If you know people who have been in war, then you know that the soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan can use your support, regardless of how you feel about the our being at war. Here's are three ways to let them know you care:

* Send Dunkin Donuts coffee. Each month, 50 United States military members are randomly selected from entries received to have a case of coffee. Enter your friend or family member today.

* Send a phonecard from Operation Uplink. They'll send a free card to hospitalized veterans or deployed military personnel. Help a soldier you love stay in touch with the ones they love.

* Send books and other media through A care package for the mind will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks to Jennifer for letting me know about these sites!


Steve said...

Does anyone know of a support group for wounded soldiers out there?

LAmom said...

Wow! I love your site! So glad you found me. You have been blogrolled!

Karama said...

Welcome, Joan! I'm so glad you like 'So what can I do.' Thanks also for your post on 'So what can I do.' Working together we can make an even bigger difference.

Thanks for helping spread the word. I hope you and your readers will visit again soon.

Karama said...

Hi Steve. I don't know of any support groups, but I'm sure there are some out there. I'll let you know if I happen upon one.

Thanks for stopping by!

Alana said...

We here at Operation Uplink are always glad to hear people are supporting the troops be it through us or another organization. Your support really does mean the world to our soldiers so far away from their families. Thanks for helping us connect those who serve with those who care. Keep up the good work.

Karama said...

Thanks for the good work you do, Alana. I'm glad to be able to publicize it.

I hope you enjoyed your visit to "So what can I do." Please stop by again soon, and spread the word.

Beronda said...

Thanks for the post. I'm going to check into the Book for Soldiers. I have more books that I can house and this is a wonderful cause.

Karama said...

That's great, Beronda! I'm sure the soldiers will appreciate your donations. Let us know how it goes.

As always, thanks for stopping by! Hello to your family in Little Rock and Michigan.

BG said...

Your blog is cool.

I pretty much expect very few of the readers to understand what I'm saying, but here goes:
1) Our corrupt US govt is wagging an illegal war, with immoral, outrageous murderous actions.

2) The soldier are following illegal orders. I don't wish them ill, but supporting them without strongly requesting that they stop following illegal orders leading to murders is the only moral course of action.

Consider viewing

The idea of "supporting the troops" unfortunately in the present context is equivalent to expressing your support of each new day of murder and chaos.

If you, the reader, truly has the misconception the our govt. is trying to make the world safe for democracy, or something along those lines, I can only imagine your feelings of betrayal and righteous indignation when you learn the truth.

Please wake up!

Karama said...

Hi BG,

Thanks for visiting "So what can I do." I'm glad you like it.

I agree with you: our current war in Iraq is unjust, immoral and illegal. But I have friends and relatives in the military who have been sent to war. I have to support them and the Iraqi people. When soldiers know that they are supported, they are better able make the difficult (but right!) decision to leave the military. In fact this is happening in record numbers. That, added to unwillingness of people to enlist adds to the growing, loud, and numerous voices of those of us who oppose the war. I have no doubt that our voices have been and will continue to be heard, and together we will find a way to end this unjust war.

Thanks again for stopping by. Please come again soon!

Karama said...

For more ways to help, see the July 7th post.

Anonymous said...

Hey everyone! I am trying right a paper for my college English class about Michael Moore's film fahrenheit 911. I just need some feed back from ppl who's family members and friends are over there. Can any of you tell me how the soilders you know feel about being over there? are the proud to be serving their countries? Do they hate Bush? anything would be helpful! thanks