Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Learn about the crisis in Sudan.

Long time readers may remember that my second post was on the Crisis in Sudan. The situation continues and I am learning more about the causes of and possible solutions to the political and other problems in Sudan. To that end, I recently joined the Coalition for Darfur, a group of bloggers that use their sites to publicize the situation in Sudan and garner support for positive change there. The editors of the Coalition blog send us information once a week which I will post or link to here. This week's post focuses on the lack of US media coverage of the Sudan crisis.

I'll have more from the Coalition each week. I hope you and the Sudanese will benefit from learning more about the situation there. Perhaps you'll be motivated to support some of the organizations, like CARE, that do excellent work there.


Steve said...

Lesson plans are good for this well. Resources are easy to find, and you can do 5 to 50 minutes of it through films and periodicals.

Karama said...

That's good to know, Steve. Thanks. I'd venture a guess that your eighth graders (?) know more about Sudan than a lot of grown folks. Here's hoping that will soon change.

Thanks for stopping by!

Karama said...

Here are more ways you can help:

* Write a letter of concern to the media or your elected officials.
* Support relief organizations that are working to ease the suffering in Sudan.
* Assist Sudanese refugees in the US and elsewhere.
* Learn more about what's happening in Sudan.
* Divest from the Khartoum government.

Other suggestions? Bring 'em on!