Friday, June 17, 2005

Divest from Sudan.

Over the last few months, "So what can I do" has given readers several ways to help end the crisis in Sudan. You can do any of the following:

* Educate yourself so that you understand the situation and can help others do the same.
* Write letters of concern to government and media to ask for more attention (financial and temporal) to the genocide in Sudan.
* Fund relief organizations working in Sudan.

Here's one more thing you can do to end the suffering: divest from Sudan. It worked in South Africa in the fight to end apartheid, and it may well work in Sudan. Consider where your money goes, how it is used. Redirect it as necessary. will show you how.

It's your money. Make sure your use of it reflects your values.


Karama said...

And here's this week's post from the Coalition for Darfur.

Karama said...

Here are more ways you can help:

* Write a letter of concern to the media or your elected officials.
* Support relief organizations that are working to ease the suffering in Sudan.
* Assist Sudanese refugees in the US and elsewhere.
* Learn more about what's happening in Sudan.
* Divest from the Khartoum government.

Other suggestions? Bring 'em on!