Saturday, June 04, 2005

Feed hungry children.

This just in from America's Second Harvest:

"You can help hungry children in America this Summer.

More than 16 million children count on school lunch programs for at least one wholesome meal every school day. But when school ends in just a few weeks, these children will no longer have access to nutritious meals each day.

Our goal is to raise $23,000 this week to help meet the increased need of families this summer.  This Tuesday (June 7) is National Hunger Awareness Day and your help today will get us to our goal.

It only costs $1.34 to provide enough groceries to feed a hungry child three meals a day for a whole week. That means you can give a gift of less than $50 and feed three children for an entire summer.

Will you give a generous gift today? Your help will go a long way. Join us in the fight against hunger this week."

Give what you can to feed the hungry. It doesn't take much to make a difference to a hungry child because every dollar you give secures 20 pounds of food that would otherwise go to waste. If you don't have money to spare, click here to give a free donation through The Hunger Site.


Steve said...

Karama, Check your e-mail. I have an invitation for you....

Karama said...

Thanks, Steve. I'll check it out.

wicked crazy said...

don't do anything, have they ever helped you?

Ben said...

Hi Karama,

I agree with your concept of using the power of the internet to help hunfry Children.

I have followed vividly the creation of another concept created by the Better Universe people that combines the internet, viral marketing,Entertainment, Travel, celebrities, technology, and just about everything we consume to raise money and awareness.

Please join us and support it if you can at:

I think is good Idea to create a blog, and put into a Ring to spread it faster. When I get a chance I'll link to you.


The mind of Huy said...

Where did you get your information from? The 1.34 and the tablet thingies. I wish to read more