Friday, June 03, 2005

Make an easy donation.

For some folks, it's not enough to click to make a free donation, donating to charity needs to be even easier. Well, is the place to be. They collect various ways that you can make a free donation to charity by doing "what you normally do and just by choosing the right way to do it." Check it out:

* Choose your search engine wisely, and you'll donate to OxFam, World Wildlife Fund, or Greenpeace.

* Choose web-based e-mail with and you'll donate to Nature Conservancy and other conservation organizations just by using your e-mail.

* Donate your computer's idle computing power to support biological research on AIDS, cancer, smallpox, and anthrax. Just download the software and forget about it. Distributed computing projects at Scripps and do the rest. Now everyone with a computer can contribute to science!

* Shop with a purpose for the things you'd buy anyway and make a donation to your favorite charity at the same time!

* Choose Working assets for your phone and credit card services. They donate part of their profits to several nonprofit organizations.

Each of us probably uses one of these services or goods. By choosing wisely, you can get the information, goods or services that you need and make a positive difference in our world at the same time. It couldn't be any easier!


Shannon said...

Great site and great ideas!

I wish you all the best!

Karama said...

Glad you like it, Shannon! I hope you found something useful. Please stop by again soon and spread the word. Thanks for the good wishes!

Richard said...

I love Working Assets, we have both the card and the phone service. I use to work for them. I love thier monthly social action issues. And not to be picky, but they donate 1% of revenue not profit. Anyway, I wanted to add The Body Shop, and of course Ben & Jerry's.

Karama said...

That's great to hear, Richard! Thanks for sharing your experience with Working Assets, and for providing the tips on the Body Shop and Ben & Jerry's. It's nice to see that some corporations care about something other than profit.

Thanks for visiting "So what can I do." I hope you'll stop by again soon and spread the word!