Saturday, April 09, 2005

Participate in the Global Week of Action.

April 10-16, 2005 has been declared the Global Week of Action to campaign for trade justice. Endorsed by over 100 organizations around the world, the goals of the week are to:

* Challenge the free trade myth. The myth, perpetuated by the rich and powerful states that free trade and privatisation is the only answer to global poverty. Governments and key decision-makers across the world have swallowed this myth. Poor countries everywhere are being forced to open their markets to foreign companies and cheap, often subsidised imports; to stop helping vulnerable producers and to privatise essential services. The results are devastating. The myth needs to be exploded once and for all.

* Challenge and influence the agendas of the G8, IMF, WTO, World Bank and governments of North and South. Tell them that we reject their trade policies which harm the poor.

* Propose alternatives to the current system. We need a radical change in direction if there is to be any hope of ending poverty. Poor countries must be able to choose their own economic policies, including trade policies, that work to reduce poverty.

* Show the scale of the global movement. Demonstrate our solidarity and internationalism and to show the strength of the peoples’ resistance and rejection of enforced liberalisation and privatisation.

* Build the movement through co-ordinated campaigning. Support, strengthen and build national trade campaigns and movements.

Visit the Global Week of Action website to find our about events in your area. Also you can support this important work in these ways:

* Take small steps toward economic justice.
* Support sustainable development.
* Fund microloans.
* Eat free trade coffee, tea, and chocolate. Yum!
* Wear free trade clothing and shoes. Stylin'!

We can all do our part. And the Global Week of Action is a great time to get started!


Steve said...

In remembering John Paul II, Catholics may wish to make a contribution (similar to one of the ones you listed) to an orgnaization dedicated to relieving third world debt.

Karama said...

That's an excellent idea, Steve, particularly in regards to debt reduction. It seems fitting given the efforts John Paul II made in countries of the Global South.

As always, thanks for stopping by!

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