Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Wear fair-trade union-made clothing

Check out No Sweat Apparel (as in no sweatshop) for their wonderful line of 100% union made clothing. They have the only fair-trade 100% union-made athletic shoes in the world. In the world! They're nice too! I want the Red MoJo's! :)

So browse No Sweat's catalog. It's a great place to do some holiday or birthday shopping for your socially-minded friends and relatives. Or even for yourself. There are a wide variety of styles available, and you'll look great and feel great wearing them.


Karama said...

And this may be another way to subvert the IMF and World Bank. (And look cute at the same time!)

Karama said...

Oh and by the way, folks who aren't particularly concerned with labor issues will like these clothes too. They don't have to know that they're union made.

Karama said...

Also check out American Apparel and this Christian Science Monitor article on sweatshop-free apparel. Thanks Kwadjo!

Anonymous said...

No Sweat shoes fall appart really quickly. It's a shame, as they look nice and are apparently good with labor issues.

Karama said...

Click here to order from No Sweat and support So What Can I Do.

And Anon, I'm sorry you had problems with your shoes. My husband and I love ours. And No Sweat offers lot of other clothing items as well. Thanks for reading and please come again.