Friday, December 17, 2004

Spend your money wisely

It's no secret that corporations often have a political agenda. Learn more about the organizations with which you spend your money on these sites:

* Buy Blue is "a concerted effort to educate the public on making informed buying decisions as a consumer. We identify businesses which support our ideals and spotlight their dedication to progressive politics. In turn, we shine that spotlight on unsupportive businesses in the form of massive boycotts and action alerts."

* Choose the blue "compiles information from third party sources primarily to show certain reported spending by political action committees connected with a corporation and by that corporation's employees as political contributions, in each case related to recent federal elections"

* I Buy Different is aimed at young people, and those who promote environmental justice.

Though I'd rather not label states, let alone people as 'red' or 'blue,' I do think the information on these sites is useful for deciding how and with whom you want to spend your money. As one site said, "Vote with your wallet." Happy shopping!


Steve said...

I think it’s a positive thing- you aren’t really suggesting we should boycott a company, you are asking that we reward companies that have good goals and uses for our money. Very cool.

spydrz said...

This list helped me realize the "blue" companies I can shift my business away from. I recently changed from Costco to Sams Club, for example. I don't need my money being spent on things I don't believe in.

Karama said...

That's great, Spydrz. Would that we all would act in ways that are truly consistent with what we believe in. I think that would make the world a better place, even if some folks disagree with me. In any case, your support of Sam's Club puts money in my home state, Arkansas. Thanks!

Steve said...

Karama, thanks again for posting the list, we switched business from Bud to E and J Gallo and Guiness, as well as barnes and Noble based on the post, and we are also writing them to let them know.

Karama said...

Excellent Steve! I'd just read your comment when I started writing my justice post today. One of the book links was going to be to Amazon, but I changed it to Barnes and Noble. This is such a clear cut case. I'm buying from B&N from now on too. Thanks!!

Steve said...

outstanding, thank you!

Karama said...

Just FYI, my orders from B&N are generally cheaper and arrive faster than orders from Amazon. I wrote Amazon about why I would no longer shop with them. Here's their reply:

Thank you for taking the time to write to us.

Amazon's PAC supports neither party. Instead, it contributes to congressional and state candidates from both parties whose views are supportive on policy issues important to customer experience on the web. For example, we recently supported candidates from both major parties who were instrumental in passing anti-spam legislation and extending the moratorium on Internet access taxes.

We value your thoughts and are sorry to hear that you may not want to shop with us. We hope to have the opportunity to serve you again in the future but, if you choose to shop elsewhere, please know that we've appreciated your patronage and respect your decision.

Best regards,

Sarfraz Hafeez Customer Service

Karama said...
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Karama said...

Check out Steve's thoughts on 'buying blue'.

Anonymous said...

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