Monday, December 20, 2004

Help clear minefields, help save lives

There are about 60 - 70 million landmines in more than 90 countries, killing or injuring about 26,000 civilians every year. That's one every 27 minutes. One third of the dead are children. You can help remove landmines, save lives, and improve the lives of those injured by landmines. Here's how:

* Donate money to help clear minefields. It costs as much as $4,000 to remove just one mine, but less than 50 cents to put one in the ground. Contribute to Adopt-a-Minefield or Adopt-a-Minefield UK.

* Donate a used prosthesis to Limbs for Life. They operate the World Limb Bank which collects used prostheses, and distributes them free to amputees all over the world.

* Contact your elected officials and ask them to ratify the Mine Ban Treaty before 2006. Learn more at Unicef. See the November 15 post for more information on writing your elected representatives.

Let's get to work!

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Karama said...

See the January 3rd post, for more ways to help.