Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Send a social justice e-card

It's the holiday season and, as one friend proclaimed, reconnect month. Take some time out soon to reconnect with friends, family, and colleagues. When you do, consider sending an e-card from an organization whose work you admire and support. They're easy, free, and fast, and are sure to bring a smile you your loved one's face. Choose cards from the Red Cross, Care, Heifer International, Accion International, or Habitat for Humanity. And if you prefer paper cards, consider getting them from Unicef.

You can learn more about these organizations on their websites and through posts on this blog. So when you spread your holiday greetings, spread the word about these wonderful organizations and the work they do. Maybe you or your friends will be moved to volunteer your time or donate money. And then your card will have truly made a difference.

If you know of any other good sites for progressive e-cards, please leave a comment letting us know. Thanks!


Karama said...

Hi all,

The CARE cards in particular are great general purpose cards. I've started using them regularly. Maybe someone will be prompted to support CARE's work in Southeast Asia and around the world.

I also really like the Accion cards. I sent a few for Christmas and one of the recipients was so moved, he forwarded the card to about 30 of his friends along with a plea to support microcredit (see the December 10th post). Hopefully that will generate some funds for sustainable development. Thanks Michael!


Karama said...

If you prefer paper cards, see the December 10th post.

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