Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Take care of yourself, take care of others: World AIDS Day

December 1 is World AIDS Day. The goal is to focus on existing challenges while celebrating the progress that has been made. The theme for World AIDS Day 2004 is "Have You Heard Me Today? Women, girls, and HIV and AIDS". Here are some things you can do today and later to acknowledge this occasion:

* Learn more about HIV and AIDS. Click here and here for more information.

* Approximately one-third of the people in the US infected with HIV don't know it.GET TESTED. Visit (a CDC site) to learn more and find a place to get tested in your area.

* Learn more about HIV vaccine trials. Many people are needed to enroll in trials that test the vaccines and various stages of development. Perhaps you'll want to join a trial and help make an HIV vaccine a reality.

* Donate time, money or other resources to HIV/AIDS service organizations. Just do a Google search with the terms HIV, AIDS and the city, state or country of interest. You are sure to find an organization and group of people that would really appreciate your contribution.

If you have questions or need more information, call the CDC National AIDS Hotline toll-free at 1-800-342-AIDS (1-800-342-2437). Here's hoping that future generations don't have to mark World AIDS Day.


Karama said...

In the Atlanta area check out SisterLove and AID Atlanta. Feel free to recommend organizations in your area.

Karama said...

Black women represent 72 percent of new HIV infections among women in the U.S. So Essence has joined with the Black AIDS Institute to help support black folks living with AIDS and stop the spread of HIV. All net proceeds from gift subscriptions ordered through will benefit the Black AIDS Institute. The goal is to raise $250,000. As of December 1, they've raised $1040.

That said, you may choose to support AIDS service work in other ways. You may not want to subscribe to Essence through the site, but you should do something.