Thursday, May 26, 2005

Be a geek.

I believe that everyone can serve. Geeks too! Geekcorps is "a US-based, non-profit organization that places international technical volunteers in developing nations to contribute to ICT projects while transferring the technical skills required to achieve long-term stability. Ultimately we strive to cross-pollinate developing nations with the skills needed to maximize the benefits of modern telecommunications." They work in several countries in Asia, Europe and Africa. Here are a few ways you can support their great work:

* Be a Geekcorps volunteer. You'll get to travel and use your IT skills in a community that will value and appreciate them. Click here for current opportunities.

* Donate money or computer equipment to Geekcorps. Your contribution will be put to good use!

* Learn about other organizations working to bridge the digital divide.

You can also read their site en francais. See! It's pretty cool to be a geek! I'm proud to call myself one. I bet there are a few more geeks out there reading this. So check out Geekcorps. Be of service. Be a geek!


Karama said...

For information on being a virtual volunteer, see the February 25th post.

Wayan said...

Thanks for the shout-out, Karama.

If you wanna really be a Geek, you could apply to Geekcorps here:

Karama said...

I may very well take you up on that, Wayan! Y'all are due much props, so the shout-out is my pleasure.

Thanks for stopping by. Please visit again soon, and spread the word!