Monday, May 23, 2005

Consider privacy.

Recently, Steve at Distance answered a question I posed on limitations that prevent us from acting on what we believe is right. He and his commenters agreed on the answer: fear. I exchange, I promised to do a post on privacy. I think fear is relevant here too. Fear of terrorism, identity theft, cybercrime, freedom of information, contracted civil liberties and more. Here are some resources you can use to educate yourself on these issues.

* In this post 9/11 time, privacy laws have been and are being changed, ostensibly to protect the people of the US. Click here to learn more about these changes, their impact, and how you can respond.

* Here are 12 ways to protect your privacy online.

* Learn more about identity theft and how to protect yourself.

* For an international look at privacy concerns and the connection between privacy and human rights, visit

But some things shouldn't be private . . .

* For more on freedom of information laws, see the February 27th post.

* For more information on revealing corporate or government wrongdoing (whistleblowing), see the April 29th post.

Fear doesn't have to paralyze or imprison us. Educate yourself to eliminate it. As FD Roosevelt said, "We have nothing to fear but fear itself."

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