Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Write a letter for change.

Frequent readers know that I am always in support of speaking up so that we hold our represenatives accountable. As world citizens, we must let our elected officials, media, thought leaders, and others in positions of power know how we feel so that they can truly represent or serve us. To this end, I am launching a new blog today: Open Letters for Change.

Open Letters serves as a collection center for letters I write to induce positive social change and social justice. Many will be inspired by posts on "So what can I do". The comments that follow each letter will have information and a list of references I used to write the letter. My hope is that you will use this information to write your own letter for change.

Today's letter encourages presidential and congressional support of the Darfur Accountability Act which, if passed, would mandate sanctions on the Khartoum government and support for the international mission to end the genocide. I'd hate for more people to die when there is something I can do to stop the killing. We have to let our officials know what's important to us so that they can act accordingly. For more information on the crisis in Sudan see today's post at the Coalition for Darfur.

And please visit Open Letters for Change, where I hope you'll find the inspiration and information you need to write your own letters for change. Together, we can make a difference.


Karama said...

And when you write your letter, consider using one of these stamps to mail it. said...

I have also loved the concept of ordinary citizens speaking out whether in the form of audibly or written. However, I would like to see our reps give back a little credit to the "regular joes" of the world who propose thier self legislation.
Excellent blogs like this one assist people to write these open letters without feeling like they will be trashed without even being opened. Nonetheless, if ten letters are shot out and only 3 are read, and then 1 is acted upon, it's all worth it.
Take Care,
Love the blog and keep up the great content!
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