Thursday, March 17, 2005

Create a second harvest.

Here's another opportunity to get more bang for your buck. This just in from America's Second Harvest:

"We've received a generous gift that will allow us to double any gift you give to America's Second Harvest up to $10,000.

This is a special opportunity because it is a web-only matching grant. You won't get this in the mail.

What's more, because of the relationships we have with food manufacturers and distributors, it means for every $1 you give we can secure and distribute $60 worth of groceries and put them in the hands of hungry families across America.

It's one of the most effective gifts you can give to fight hunger.

Please help us provide food to those in our country who need it most. One in every ten people living here, the wealthiest nation on earth, struggles to get enough to eat.

Thank you in advance for your generosity."

For more on Second Harvest, see the January 24th post. Donate online here. Won't you share some of what you have to spare?


Karama said...

Perhaps you could support Second Harvest (or another worthy organization) with (part of) your tax refund.

Karama said...

Today I got the following email from Second Harvest:

"Dear Karama,
We still have $4,000 to go in order to meet our $10,000 web-only match!
We need your help today to meet our goal. We have until March 31st to raise $4,000. Make your contribution today!
Because this is a match, your donation will have double the impact.  For instance, for every $1 you donate, we can secure and distribute $60 worth of groceries and put them in the hands of hungry families across America. Think how much your donation of just $20 can do!
As you know, America's Second Harvest helps over 23 million hungry Americans each year. By giving a donation before March 31st, you will help us reach families in need across the nation. Give now!
Due to technical glitches with our donation forms, we understand that some of you may not have been able to donate after receiving the first email alerting you to this matching opportunity. Those problems have been fixed and we apologize for any inconvenience we may have caused you.
Thank you in advance for your generosity."

Do what you can to help. That's all you can do (but you have to do that much!)

Karama said...

Mission accomplished!

"Dear Karama,

Due overwhelming response, we are happy to report that our web-only matching challenge of $10,000 has been met. Thank you so much for supporting this campaign and securing these funds for Americans in need of emergency food assistance.

The funds raised through this web-only matching challenge alone will enable us to distribute 28 semi truckloads worth of food and groceries!

Thank you again for your generosity."