Friday, March 11, 2005

End poverty.

The current issue of Time magazine focuses on strategies to end poverty. That's because 1 billion people are so poor that their lives are in danger. Jeffrey D. Sachs argues in his article and in his book, "The End of Poverty", that this kind of poverty can be and should be permanently eliminated. The article gives nine ways to make this happen. One of them is to support sustainable development. Here's your chance to do just that and make double the difference. This just in from Heifer Project International:

"We've got a million reasons to smile at Heifer!

That's because we've just learned that we're the beneficiary of a $1 Million Matching Gift Challenge — meaning that every donation we receive between now and April 25 will be matched dollar for dollar!

The bottom line is this: We need you to help us take full advantage of this $1 Million Matching Gift Challenge. It's an amazing opportunity for you to double your gift; and for us to double the livestock and training we provide to hungry families in urgent need.

P.S. Don't want to wait for the mailman? Give online now."

For more on Heifer, see the November 30th post on sustainable development. Won't you consider donating to Heifer, if you can, by April 25th? It's a small, but meaningful step you can take to help end poverty. Just ask Beatrice.


Karama said...

Perhaps you could support Heifer (or another worthy organization) with (part of) your tax refund.

Karama said...

Just FYI, 'So what can I do' was selected blog of the day on March 12, 2005. Thanks Arthur!

Karama said...

For more creative ways to end poverty and create a more just world, see the July 1st post.