Thursday, March 17, 2005

Donate your miles.

Do you have extra frequent flyer miles for an airline you never use? Do you wonder if you'll ever get enough miles for an upgrade or free trip? Are your miles just sitting there doing nothing? Why not consider donating your frequent flyer miles to charity. You can choose to use your miles to:

- Fly children to a hospital for medical treatment.
- Fly aid workers (from CARE, Red Cross, etc.) to southeast Asia to serve in the aftermath of the Tsunami and other disasters.
- Fly military personnel home to visit family.
- Fly families to visit hospitalized military personnel.

Here are four programs I found, though I'm sure there are more:

* Delta Skywish
* Northwest AirCares
* US Air Dividend Miles
* Continental OnePass

So find out if your favorite airline has a miles donation program. It's a great way to help someone in need.

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Karama said...

I knew there were more! My mom just forwarded some mail from American Airlines that included a tally of some old accumulated frequent flyer miles. And she didn't even know about this post! And I didn't know I had the miles when I did the original post. Nice how that worked out, huh?

Click here for the American Airlines AAdvantage program. I just donated 3005 miles to Miles For Kids In Need. Since I moved to Atlanta (Delta's hub) I don't fly American anymore, so I'm not getting any new miles for free flights. Instead, these should do a sick child and her family some good.

"Since 1989, AAdvantage members have donated unused miles to help kids in need. These miles provide transportation for children from needy families who require medical treatment that's not available where they live. If you can help us replenish some of these miles, we (and the kids) would really appreciate it. Please check your mileage balance and consider making a donation* today. You can donte online, or call AAdvantage Customer Service at 1-800-421-0600. For every three miles you donate, American adds a mile."

Thanks American!