Wednesday, March 02, 2005

"Plant a row for the hungry."

There are over 70 million gardeners in the US and about 25 million people who are chronically hungry (including 9.9 million children). Plant a Row for the Hungry encourages gardeners to plant an extra row, and donate the produce to local food banks and community service agencies. It's not much work to till, sow and garden one more row, so consider doing so and donating some of your produce to combat hunger in your community.

It's time to play in the dirt!


Karama said...

For more ways to fight hunger, see the January 24th post.

Leonardo217 said...

So....what corporation's behind that?

Karama said...

Hi Leonardo, Thanks for visiting 'So what can I do?" I hope you enjoyed what you read. The site you mention has to do with genetically modified organisms. I contend that we can feed everyone without resorting to GMOs if we all make some small changes in the way we live. At the least, GMOs shouldn't be forced on any populations as a conditions for loans, aid or the like.

Please stop by again, Leonardo, and spread the word!