Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Clean the air with plants

I started a new job today and the first question my mother asked me was if my office had space and light for plants. I'm pleased to report that it does. Plants are great to have around. The beautify the environment, produce oxygen and clean the air. Given the high levels of insulation in today's modern buildings, plus the fact that many buildings have windows that don't even open, indoor air quality can be quite low. Some types of carpet, furniture, plastics, plywood, varnishes, stairs, and adhesives emit toxins that may result in "Sick building syndrome".  But don't worry, plants can help clean the air you breathe. Here are a few you can use:

* Boston fern - Ferns are great! I love to see them sporulate. They are easy to grow in medium to bright light. As with most plants, water them only when the soil feels dry.

* Peace lily - These have lovely white blossoms. And if the ever start drooping just give them some water and they'll perk back up again.

* Spider plant - One of my favorites! I like to clip and root the babies and give them to my friends. They are easy to grow in bright to medium light.

* Corn plant - This won't produce corn but it will clean your air. And it doesn't need much light.

* Snake plant/mother-in-law's tongue - Since I love and enjoy my mother-in-law to-be, I prefer the name "snake plant". (Of course, I like snakes, too!) These grow well in almost any type of light, and will forgive you if you forget to water them.

* English ivy - These look great as hanging plants, and are easy to grow in bright light.

* Janet Craig/Striped dracena - I haven't grown this plant but it sure is pretty! It needs bright to medium light.

So consider adding some plants to your work or home environment. Your lungs will thank you!


Deek Deekster said...

The humble spider plant will run you a bath and cook for a family of 7 !!!

Karama said...

Well I don't know about all that, Deek, but you might be more willing to do those things yourself after experiencing the beauty and clean air the spider plant provides!

Thanks for stopping by and please come again.