Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Make your good idea a reality, part 2

So now that you're motivated to make your dreams real, how will you make it happen? This is a bit a harder since I don't know what your dreams are (sometimes it's hard to know what my dreams are!), but here are some tips that hopefully someone will find useful. Please use the comments link to add more suggestions.

* Consider getting more training to better prepare yourself. There are certificates and degrees available in all sorts of new areas, some of which you may not be familiar with, but may be interested in. and are good places to start. They have information on schools, degrees, financial aid Or enter some key words in Google to start your search.

Don't let cost be a hindrance. The financial aid office at your school should be able to tell you about scholarships, grants and loans to help you pay for your education. (Remember, reasonable student loans are considered an investment. That's good debt.) Also, consider the numerous on-line programs that are available. Don't give up just because the university down the street doesn't offer your program. You could get your degree from a school a hundreds of miles away. (I'm doing this myself!).

Also consider continuing education courses, certificate programs and other short term options. These may be all you need. And you may be able to volunteer or do an internship to get the experience you want.

* The US government provides numerous grants for education, and work abroad. There are programs for American citizens and noncitizens. Visit the State Department education office for more information. These include the Fulbright Program (named for an Arkansan!), the Humphrey Fellowships, and the Gilman International Scholarships.

* Perhaps you need to patent, copyright or trademark your good idea or creation. Contact the US Patent and Trademark Office to get the information, forms and protection you need.

* Travel suggestions and guidelines can be found at (for health and safety issues), and at (for visas, passports and emergencies).

Good luck with your good idea! I wish you the best, especially if your project will cause positive social change.


Karama said...

Consider also the Clinton School of Public Service where you can earn a Masters in Public Service. The first will enrol in Fall 2005 and they are accepting applications now. Some scholarships are available.

Anonymous said...

Hello Karama,

Speaking of making your dreams of positive social change a reality, why not try Americorps:VISTA (Volunteers in Service to America). It's a wonderful way of being of service, -utilizing your skills and talents. You'll bless a community, make great connections and more times than not your service will lead you to quality employment.

It's usually for a year stint, and though the stipend is minimal (covering living expenses), you do receive a pretty strong education award (around $5000+) to be applied to student loans past or future. You can serve in places like the Navaho Tribal territories, rural schools in the Appalachian mountains, rural health clinics in Arkansas, and even in University offices dedidated to engaging their resources to support grassroots organizations in their cities. It's a win, win situation. Check out and investigate VISTA.


Karama said...

Hi Kwadjo,

Thanks for stopping by! Your VISTA suggestion is an excellent one. As a child I often had my asthma treated at Lee County Cooperative Clinic, a VISTA project in Marianna, Arkansas. VISTA volunteers are great people who do a lot of good. In my December 28th post, I discuss Americorps and several other ways to serve. Check it out.

Thanks again for your comment. Thanks also for explaining what 'VISTA' stands for! I never knew!

Have a wonderful day, and please visit again soon.


Karama said...

Also consider the Ford Foundation which makes most of its grants to organizations to strengthen democratic values, reduce poverty and injustice, promote international cooperation, and advance human achievement. Those sound like worthy goals to me!

Karama said...

Attention writers! November is National Novel Writing Month. Visit to get information and motivation to complete your masterwork!

Karama said...

Here's a new and functional link for the Lee County Cooperative Clinic.