Monday, January 17, 2005

Live Ethically (Do the right thing)

We're all supposed to know the difference between right and wrong, but sometimes that distinction is not so clear. Get some help on ethical decision-making from these sources:

* The Ethics Guy - Bruce Weinstein's column is syndicated in my local paper, and may be in yours. On his site, you'll find an ethics quiz, a form to sign up for a free newsletter, and information on ethics training.

* Everyday Ethics - Joseph Telushkin's column tackles common ethics problems and questions.

* - This blog is run by the editors of the American Journal of Bioethics and tracks bioethics stories around the world. It's updated sometimes three or more times daily so there's always something new. I like this site for two more reasons: 1) I'm working on an MA in bioethics so it helps me keep up-to-date for class. And 2) I started this blog as a direct result of hearing about They were the inspiration. Thanks y'all!

I believe very strongly in doing the right thing. I like to think that most of us do. Even when it's more work. Even when it's unpopular. Even when it's inconvenient. Even when it is different from what you've done in the past. Most of the time we know in our hearts what's right, even if we don't choose that path. Those choices are easy (even if the actions aren't). These sites are for those times when the choice is not so clear.


Matt Thorne said...

Another great resource is "Ethics for the New Millennium" by His Holiness, The Dalai Lama. As with any of his work, it is an amazing read. It is easy to find at Barnes and Noble, or any place like that.

Karama said...

Thanks for the excellent suggestion, Matt. The Dalai Lama has done some great work. Thanks also for visiting So what can I do. Please come by again soon and spread the word!

Anonymous said...

If you are interested in keeping up to date with bioethics you might try subscribing to BioEdge, a free weekly newsletter about the latest developments in bioethics. You can check it out at
Cheers, Michael Cook (

Karama said...

'So what can I do' has received a little extra publicity thanks to the folks at Thanks y'all!

Karama said...

Thanks for visiting and thanks for the link, Michael. It's especially important to follow bioethics outside of one's own geographical and political region. Please stop by again soon!

Karama said...

Also check out the Women's Bioethics Project Blog. Thanks for the link, y'all!

Karama said...

I thought of this great line the other day:

"Old bioethicists never die, they just lose autonomy." - Karama Neal (2005)


Karama said...

"Ethics carries with it a moral imperative to act. The ethical person must not only identify the ethical path. Indeed, she also has a duty to take that path. It is not enough simply to know the right thing. One must also do the right thing. Unwillingness to do so, to the best of ones ability, implies a misunderstanding of the very ethics one purports to study." - Karama Neal (2005)

Anonymous said...

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