Monday, January 10, 2005

Recycle computers and electronics

Ever wonder what happens to computers and other electronics when they're no longer needed? Many folks simply trash them, meaning that chemicals such as cadmium, lead and mercury could leak from landfills and pollute our soil, water and air. Here are some other reasons to be concerned:

* In the next three years, individuals and organizations worldwide will replace more than 400 million computers.
* The average cell phone in the U.S. is replaced after just 18 months.
* More than 75 percent of all computers ever sold remain stockpiled in our closets, garages, office storage rooms and warehouses.

"So what can I do?"

* Visit EBay: Rethink to get more information on reusing and recycling computers and other electronics. In cooperation with several computer manufacturers, they offer ways to sell, donate or recycle your equipment.

* Read my October 14 post on cell phone recycling, to learn about ways your phone can be used to support your favorite nonprofit or end domestic violence.

* Read my November 10 post on donating office equipment to support college scholarships.

I have an old laptop by my bed that I haven't used in over 4 years. Guess it's time for me to do something with it. What about you?


SweetKali said...

Hello! I love the theme of your Blog..its wonderful! For your reference, I've also posted some comprehensive information on my blog SparkleQueen ( and Violets and lemons (http// regarding giving donations to the victims of the Tsunami.

I wanted to also let you know that Goodwill is has decided again to take computer donations. Also, as a side note, someone sold an original IMac to a Japanses buyer for over $50,000! so you readers may want to take a close look before getting rid of their old PCs or Macs. Could be there is someone out there who will pay big bucks for a pristine computer original. :)

Karama said...

Thank you for stopping by, SweetKali. I'm so glad you like the site. I enjoyed your two blogs as well. Thanks also for the info on Goodwill. I'm sure that will be quite helpful. Please visit again soon and spread the word!

PS: Is Kali your first name? That''s always been one of my favorite Swahili names/words ("fierce").

coolhand said...

I benn in computer recycler for over 15 years, cell-phone are 5 % of what we take-in. 90 % off cell-phones are to old to give or sell. only about 10 % can be reused. I do not sell them. I give a way working one's too domestic violence shelters or groups who need them. the rest get recycled.

last year we did over 300,000 tons of ewaste. the nonprofit business and gov do not what deal with-it right now. The "goodwill" only take working systems less than 3 years old!! We take all electronis and computers working or not!! the computer recycling business is haveing hard times. the price is down way down on all reuse computres. but the cost to run my busines is up.

if you need info about computer recycling please call me at
310-548-0463 after 9:00am. or email me At
I started recycling electronics and computers
in 1986.

mitchell meyer

Karama said...

Thanks for this information, Mitchell. I hope you enjoyed your visit to 'So what can I do.' Please come again soon!

Karama said...

For more on recycling e-waste, please see the February 2nd post.