Friday, January 07, 2005

Work for a non-profit

One of the ways we can be unbought and unbossed is by working for an organization whose purpose and mission we agree with morally and ethically. Often that can be accomplished by working for a non-profit organization. By definition their goal is not making money. One of my friends just left a large corporate law firm to work at a nonprofit, and she's so much happier. Consider these sites to start your non-profit job search:

* (southern California)

Consider working for one of the organizations you support financially or otherwise. They'll already be aware of your commitment. Or investigate schools, libraries, churches and other organizations that have a mission other than profit. Note that you'll have to do off-line work as well. Brush up on your networking skills, get business cards (here for free), and polish your resume (consider putting it online for easy access). Feel free to share your tips as well. Good luck!


Karama said...

If you don't work at a nonprofit, you can certainly volunteer at one. It's a good way to gain and develop skills, meet new people (who may be able to serve as references later), and learn about different business models, all while serving your community.

This works particularly well when you volunteer at a particular organization for an extended period of time. I'm doing this with MedShare International and Aid to Children of Imprisoned Mothers. I ended up working part-time at AIM for a while (fun, fulfilling, and a nice income supplement) and am doing my MA in bioethics final paper with MedShare. I think these have been productive and useful relationships for everyone involved.

Jude Nagurney Camwell said...

I agree.
I once worked for a major corporation and shifted gears a number of years ago (after 9/11, which was a lifetime wake-up call). I now both volunteer and work for a non-profit. It has enhanced the quality of my own life and contributes positively to the lives of others.

Anonymous said...

Great site!!! I really needed this...

Steve said...

Take some old clothes- maybe you have gained or lost some weight, or you never wear some things, and take them to a local charity, mark the sizes. I really liked the other person who commented that you could volunteer time if you were short on cash. Link to non profits on your blog or web site, you can also put them in the signature of your e-mails.

Karama said...

Jude: Thanks so much for visiting. The new year is a time that lots of folks take for re-evaluation of their live. 9/11 was a time for other folks, but really every day is a new day, one we can use to make changes to improve our quality of life. I'm glad to hear that it's working out so well for you. Please come again and spread the word.

Anonymous: Thanks for stopping by! I'm glad you like the site and hope you will come again soon.

Steve: Excellent comments. There are so many ways to give. It's important to consider all of them before we give up and proclaim, "There's nothing I can do." I often think in terms of "time, talent and tenth [of your money]" and when you think of it like that it's easy to find ways to contribute. I also love the suggestion for linking to non-profits in your e-mail signature. I may post on that, if I do I'll be certain to give you credit. Thanks again!

Sandra said...

Karama, thanks for visiting my blog. I'm trying to do what I can. I really like the topic of your blog and I encourage you to keep it going. Sometimes you may have your moments and want to abandon it. Please don't. I believe the "little people" have the power to make change, one step at a time. And with the internet those baby steps can certainly turn into big ones. One way I think people can begin making an impact on the world, is to express themselves online. It's free to start a blog and what better way to put your ideas into the blogosphere. Another way to change the world is to be open to any point of view. You may not agree with someone, but respect their right to express themselves. In regard to non profits. If you can't find one you like: then start your own. Another way we can change the world is to patronize and visits websites which have free information, discussion and resources. One website I like is : You can find people giving away free information, in the discussion groups and giving away free things on the boards. Support these community websites. They are for you. Keep up the good work Karama. I have place a link to your blog under the title, how you can help one step at a time. You can find your link on my sideboard.(at my blog) Take care, keep doing what you do. Consistency,even if 1 post a week, will keep you going. Again, love your blog.

Karama said...

Thanks so much, Sandra! I'm so glad you like the blog and find it useful. I agree that there is a lot of (untapped) potential in the internet. We're seeing just the beginning of what we can do. I like craigslist a lot, and am waiting for it to really catch on here in Atlanta. Hopefully that will happen soon. Please let me know if you have ideas for posts here. I appreciate all comments and suggestions. Thanks again for the link and for the encouragement. Please spread the word!

FYI folks, if the commenter's name appears in orange, click it to view their profile and any blogs they write.

Karama said...

If you need business cards, check out VistaPrint. They provide very nice cards for free. I use them myself for personal business cards (with name, professional specialty, email address, website, and phone). Happy networking!