Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Vote for Nyaka AIDS Orphans School

This just in:

"Global Giving (, an organization supporting global philanthropy, asked for nominations for social entrepreneurs and Nyaka School and 149 other organizations were nominated for a prize of $100,000 that will be given to 3 organizations. The nomination will go through a process of public online voting begining Jan 21st ending on the Jan 28th, 2005. That is seven days to get in as many votes as we can.

For information of voting go to for more details. You may also vote at where you will be asked to register as a member. That is, user name, password, email and zipcode. Then you can cast your vote for Nyaka AIDS Orphans School.

This is another way for our many supporters to participate in helping Nyaka. Please tell everyone you know to help us and donate few minutes to vote online.

Thanks in advance and happy new year.
Twesigye Jackson Kaguri"

Remember voting starts on January 21st you must vote by January 28th. Learn more about Nyaka AIDS Orphans School on the November 18th post. This is a fast and free way to help. I hope you'll help make a difference and spread the word so that others can too.


Anonymous said...

Navigating to the Nyaka Project can take several clicks. For a short cut to the Nyaka voting/rating page go the the following URL

Thanks for taking a moment to vote!


Karama said...

Remember folks, go to to vote. Thanks for the link, Beronda. Let us know how it works out.

Anonymous said...

Thanks are due to all who vote for this project at Global Giving. We've been informed that we are one of the 15 finalists!!! In early March, 3 of the projects will be awarded a shared prize. All of the finalist are doing wonderful work to make a difference in places of the world where it is desperately needed.

We are honored that so many of you took a few minutes of your time to support the students of Nyaka and the larger community in Uganda!!

Thanks again,

The Nyaka Family

Karama said...

Thanks so much for this update! I am so pleased that the readers of 'So what can I do' have been able to contribute to Nyaka's success. I wish Nyaka every success in this final stage. Congratulations on coming this far!!

Karama said...

Here's an update:

"As many of you might already know through globalgiving website, Nyaka did not make the final five projects that shared 100k. On the popular vote, Nyaka was the third. But the jury and the moderator refused to discuss Nyaka despite five questions all about why we were not getting any funding. However, I made many contacts with people on individual level that will be fruitful in future, the exposure was priceless.

Thank you for participating. Nyaka is listed for public support at global giving website but I leant that they will take 10% of the money raised
through them.I say if you would like to support Nyaka, please send contributions directly to us, that way 100% of your gift goes to the programs that support these children.