Monday, January 10, 2005

Support your favorite non-profit

In my last post, I talked about working for non-profits as a way to improve your life and the lives of others. In the comments, Steve left a wonderful suggestion, upon which I'd like to expound. He suggested that we modify our email signatures to include a link to our favorite nonprofit. Here are some reasons why this is a great idea:

* It's a free and effective way to spread the word about your favorite organization.

* Someone you email might just need to know about that particular nonprofit.

* You can tailor the link to specific goings-on (e.g. CARE for the Tsunami survivors or United Way for King Day service projects)

So identify your favorite nonprofit(s) and link to them in your email signature. They'll be happy to receive the free publicity and you'd be doing a service for them and for your community. Thanks Steve!


Karama said...
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Karama said...

Here are some taglines I have put into rotation. In some cases, the phrase is taken directly from the organization's website.

* Save a child, save a family, save your community:* Sharing can make a world of difference:* Give blood, give live:* End hunger, care for the earth:* End domestic violence:* Get tested:* Spend your money wisely:* Read books for free:* Donate books to children for free:* Try biodiesel:* Support fair trade:* Be an organ donor:* Be a marrow donor:* Be of service: national.unitedway.orgFeel free to use these or write your own!

Karama said...

I also like to include messages on my bill envelopes. You never know who might see it and need to see it. My favorites right now are "Please recycle" and "Expect better of yourself and others."